Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th of July in Vegas

For the 4th of July we decided spur of the moment to go to Vegas. Morgan decided to take the day off on Friday and we were trying to decide what to do... We though about going to stay in Park City so we called my parents and were asking them about it cause my dad has a timeshare at a nice hotel. Then Morgan said would you want to go to Vegas? I said sure anywhere to get away. So we called my parents and asked if they wanted to go and could be ready to leave in a hour. A hour or so later we were on our way to Vegas : ) That's something my mom has never done. She isn't exactly the spur of the moment type to just pack her bags and leave. I didn't think she could get ready so fast but she did it and was excited to go. We all had a fun time and Kyran was such a good boy : ) He adjusted fine with the one hour time change. He seemed to really like it there too. He loved looking around at everything going on and loved the warm sun.

Kyran's first time swimming. He seemed to enjoy it. He wasn't in for long though cause he got tired. So I rocked him to sleep and set him in his stroller in the shade and he slept a few hours. By that time we were ready to get out. We wanted to get him in again but he didn't want to wake up.

Love my momma! She sat in the back set with Kyran and me and Ky just kept starring at her and smiling and laughing. He's just used to me sitting back with him. He loved being with his Grandma and Grandpa on the trip and they loved being with him so much.

Ky Man looking like a stud! We tried these glasses on while we were shopping. They were a bit too big on him. I ordered some nice ones online. Hopefully those will fit him better.

At the Cheesecake Factory, one of my favorites! Kyran just makes me laugh. He just hates flashes. Every time we take a picture and the flash goes on he opens his eyes wide. We get him to smile then he stops when he sees the flash. Hopefully he will stop that soon. His 3 month photos didn't turn out cause it was dark then the bright flash made him scarred.

Next to the fish tank at Caesars Palace. They played there little show as we were leaving from dinner. Kyran just loved it. They had fire and flames his head was moving back and forth trying to watch it all. He just made us laugh.

4th of July. We had another patriotic outfit for him to wear but it didn't smell good for some reason and I didn't want to put it on him.

I just love my hubby! I'm glad Kyran has his daddy's looks. He's one hot stud to me. I'm glad he likes to do things and plan things spur of the moment. It makes life so much fun and easier at times.

Chillin in the bed. We put two chairs together in the room to make his bed. He slept pretty good on it.

July 5th Layton Days. On the way home from Vegas we met up with Jo and Ash for the fireworks. Kyran really loves fireworks. We were worried he would be scarred but he loved to watch them.

He just loves to suck on his hands and drools like crazy! His shirts are always wet.

My dad bought Ky his first glow stick. He loved it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We all scream for ICECREAM!

My sisters, mom and me went to eat at the Union Station then went to Farr's for ice cream before we went to see Eclipse on July 1st! We all got almond divinity. Yummy! I could eat there everyday. We've made it a tradition to go when the new movie comes out. We need to have girl nights more often together cause we always have so much fun together. I love having 3 sisters! I think it's so fun. I feel bad for my little bro though. He's always left out. He at least has 4 brother in laws now.

Suzanne, Kristen, Liz and me.

I love my Mom so much and just love being with her. She is always so silly! I'm so glad I have her as my mom! She's the best example to me.