Monday, April 11, 2011

Kyran is 1 year old!

My baby is 1!!! It's so crazy I have a 1 year old. It still feels like I just had him. Kyran brings such joy into our lives. He is full of so much personality already. He is very cuddly, loving, silly, funny, very playful and outgoing with a little bit of bashfulness at times. He's pretty friendly to everyone he's around and sees. He does have a temper at times as well. He's already hit his terrible 2's... He's such a strong little boy and just loves to test our patience. He thinks it's funny. Kyran loves to laugh and be silly. He laughs at just about anything. He always closes his eyes or blinks really fast and smiles and laughs. He does it most often when I'm going to or wiping his face off ofter eating. His attention span is very short unless we're taking him away from something he shouldn't be doing then keeps going back and back to it. He loves trouble already... He's a affectionate baby and I love it. When I feed him, rock or am holding him he loves to rub and touch me face. When we ask for loves or kisses he rubs his head on our face. The kisses he still keeps his mouth open and sticks his tongue out often. He still loves to be held often. He's always climbing on me to hold him. He claps his hands and gives fives all the time now. It's so cute. He still says Momma and Dadda all the time and now says words that sound like (oh, come, yeah,) wow and go are his new big words. I tell him to go get Sophie and his keeps saying go. It's cute! He loves to jibber jabber and to hear his voice. He loves to yell and scream, which I'm not a big fan of at all. When we try to get him to stop he just gets louder... He does it most when he is eating and when I take him shopping or out to eat. Yes, it can be a little embarrassing. We often get looks like make your kid be quite. We try but nothing helps. The worst is when he starts gagging himself and makes himself throw up. He has been doing this the past few months and we aren't sure why. We'll be asking his Dr. soon. It's very gross. He usually just does it when he's eating but has done it in the car and in his crib. We take his hand away but he just keeps shoving it back in. Hopefully he grows out of it soon... He now has 8 teeth. 4 on bottom and 4 on top. I think some molars are coming in. He seems to be teething cause he always has his hand in his mouth and has been waking up every night this week.

He still isn't walking but stands up by himself and walks along things. He's maybe taken 1 or 2 steps to fall into a couch or chair. He really just doesn't care about walking. I have some strong arms now from carrying him so much though. He's one big boy. When we weigh him it says he's 25 lbs. He loves to speed crawl. He's one fast crawler! A little funny/scary story that happened while we were visiting my in-laws in Albuquerque. Morgan and me were sitting in the family room talking and Kyran was in the computer room with his Grandpa and Tanner. A bit later I heard Jordan close the front door and said it was open. I went to the kitchen and started to get Kyran's breakfast ready. I went to go get him and he wasn't in the computer room, then I looked through the whole house and couldn't find him. I was getting really worried... Then I remembered Jo had said the door was open, then I really started to freak out. I went outside and looked around and couldn't see him. I ran back inside to get Mo to get him to help me. We both searched the house again then went back outside and still couldn't see him. Then we started calling him name then we heard him start talking. We noticed him down the street a couple houses. We ran to him and he was just smiling and he had a huge rock in his mouth. He was so dirty cause he had to crawl in the street and on the sidewalks. Luckily it was in a cul-de-sac but he was very close to a main road. Lesson learned, we can't be thinking someone is watching him. We can't ever let him out of our eye for a minute. He's one fast boy!

Kyran loves to get into everything! Everyday it's the same thing. All day long he gets into the kitchen cupboards and drawers and pulls everything out and throws it on the floor and I pick up all day long... I need to get him to learn how to put things back but he's not interested in that. He loves our bathrooms as well. He loves to turn the water on in the bathtub and I hurry and turn it off and take him away, then he rushes back to do it again and again. He used to pull off the knobs on the toilet on the ground and put them in his mouth. We were so disgusted by it. Finally we just took them off and hid them. Now he likes to get into the toilet. He's gotten his hands in it a few times. VERY GROSS! He has started flushing the toilet as well. I really hope he doesn't throw something into the toilet and flush it. He put his toothbrush in it today. We're constantly pulling him out of the bathroom as we're getting ready. He hurries and crawls right back in, throwing a tantrum. I can only really get ready while he's sleeping. He still doesn't take the longest naps. He takes one to two naps a day. I really wish he would just take one 3 hour nap or more. He did that the other day and was in the best mood the rest of the day/night. He goes to bed around 8-9 pm and wakes up around 7:30-8:30 am. He usually takes a total of almost 3 hours a day in naps, but not lately.

We went to visit my in-laws in Albuquerque for a week on March 15. We had a fun time. It's always nice to spend time with them. We took Kyran on a walk with us and took him to the park. He loved it except he kept trying to get out and was bending over. We were worried he would tip over so we tied him up a little : )

In the morning I usually feed him then put him on the floor to crawl around. He gets into everything though and makes a mess.

We went to watch one of Tanner's basketball games. He played good and Kyran loved watching.

Kyran kept trying to get into this at my parents house. He climbed in and closed it on himself. It was really funny. Harlie kept trying to help him. They play so cute together.

Happy Birthday Kyran! We celebrated his birthday the following Saturday of his birthday. It was a fun day and were happy to have family there to celebrate. I decided to make Kyran a smash cake and cupcakes for everyone else. I was up all night working on it all but it turned out great.

Vanilla cupcakes with creamcheese frosting.

This was the fun cupcake tower. It spun around on on the levels. It turned out really cute!
The oreo cupcakes were a hit. Everyone seemed to love them. The frosting was really yummy!

Kyran got lots of nice presents. Thank you everyone for them. He loves getting new things.

This was the big present Kyran got from Morgan and me. He will love it once we can set it up outside. Still waiting for it to warm up...

Kyran is a spoiled little boy.

Harlie loves playing with this dog and his dog Scout. She will hopefully be getting one soon. She loves to sing and dance with them.Kyran loves playing with it when he wakes up in the morning or from his naps. We keep one of them in his crib.

Kyran has been a pretty good eater for the most part but is becoming a little picky. He doesn't like many veggies anymore. He loves most all fruit though. That seems to be most of his diet. He still won't drink whole milk. I keep trying and trying but he just spits it out. I'm still nursing and am ready to stop. If anyone has ideas let me know!

This was the only picture we got together. We were both running around like crazy the whole time. I wish we would've got a few more pictures of Kyran before everything started.

I had to get a picture of this. It's my niece Emmeline with our new puppy. It was so cute. She loved her.

He kept wanting to grab the candle. He wasn't sure what to think when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him.

He wasn't sure if he should dig in. He didn't know what to think with this giant thing in front of him.

He finally started digging in.

He loved it put then started eating too much and started rubbing his eyes cause he was getting tired. He ended up smearing it all over his face and head. Once he got it in his eye it was time to get out.

Her is the birthday boy on his actual birthday.

I made him his favorite, blueberry pancakes. He absolutly loves blueberries. They are his favorite food. Whenever I say do you want some blueberries or I show them to him he gets really excited.

I made Kyran some cupcakes on his birthday. We still wanted to celebrate it even though his party was 2 days later.

I made his vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I wanted to test them out as well.

He loved it and wanted to keep eating it. This was his first big treat like this.

I love how big his tummy looks here. He looks like he's going to pop.

Kyran loves water. He loves bath time and showers! He just loves playing in it.
Morgan's dad was in town for the weekend in Feburary and decided to give Kyran his presents then.

He loves this toy. He can push all the buttons and it plays a song. He can pull it around and it plays as well.
He got this cute little monkey. He loved it. One of his nicknames is monkey. He loves to climb up and around everything.

So cute! He wants one for himself.

Morgan and his dad are so much alike and they look a lot alike too. He's a great dad.

Morgan is an amazing dad to Kyran. I'm so grateful for all he does for us. Kyran absolutely adores his daddy. He loves and gets excited when he comes home from work and he gets to play with him. They have a lot of fun together acting silly. They have similar looks and personality. I sure do loves these two!

I love my sweet husband! He makes my life amazing!

Fun at the Jazz game! Mo caught this little basketball for Ky.

All dressed up and ready for church. I love this cute little tie.

Standing but not walking. He's really close.

He loves playing with my laptop. He has ripped 2 keys off and I'm not so happy about that.
We went to Big 5 while we were waiting for my car to get inspected and saw this giant chair. We thought it was funny. Kyran loved sitting and climbing on it.

I love you so much my sweet baby Kyran! You mean the world to me! Everyday my love for you gets stronger and stronger. I'm so glad we get to spend everyday together. You make me so happy. You make me love being a mommy. Our life wouldn't be the same without you. You are such a sweet little angel. You're attached to me at the hip and I love it. I love how much you love your mommy. I hope you can always be lovey and close with me. I love my snuggle bug baby.