Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Start of the blogging world - Tatum

Well I decided to finally join the blogging world myself. I love checking out everyone's blogs and see what is going on with everyone. It's just been so hard for me to get it all started. Thanks to Jen and her help I finally started! We don't have any sweet babies yet to tell all about. It's just us two, but we do have a cute, sweet dog named Tatum. She's our baby for now... She is our entertainment that we love so much! She's the sweetest, most well behaved dog we could ask for. She always has to be by us and loves to keep us company! She follows me everywhere like I'm her Mommy. She does the same to Morgan if I'm not at home but cries when I leave. I love it! My sis Suzanne had her for like 2 months and decided to give her up and we gladly took her in : ) We're so glad to have such a sweet loving doggy that always looks like a puppy!

Hopefully I can really get into this blogging and you'll hear much more from me.