Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kyran's baby blessing

Kyran was blessed in our University married 2nd ward on April 18th, 2010. It was our last Sunday in our ward together which no one knew. They decided to cancel the ward and have everyone start going to their home wards. It was very sad to hear this new. We are just so glad we were able to bless Kyran in our ward the last Sunday we were there. Kyran had a little accident right before we were ready to leave to church. He peed on his blessing outfit when my mother in-law was changing him. I had a feeling that was going to happen. Luckily it wasn't too bad and Morgan was able to clean it off. We were rushing to go then I fell down out stairs and scraped my legs all up. It was quit the morning. We got there on time luckily and sat there peacefully with our family. Morgan got really emotional during the opening song "I Am A Child Of God". It was very sweet. He just was feeling the spirit and thinking about blessing Kyran and how happy he was. He is very tender hearted when it comes to people he really loves and feeling the spirit. I love that side about him : ) As Morgan got up to give the blessing he got emotional again his mind went blank, so the bishop told him what to say right at first then it really through him off. He said he wasn't nervous at all but he just couldn't think. Luckily it all just came to him what to say and was prompted by the spirit. He gave a beautiful, sweet blessing! As he finished to hold Kyran up he opened his eyes wide and was looking around. It was so adorable. We had a lot of our family come for the blessing which was very nice. My mother in-law ever drove 10 hours to come hear his blessing. It was so nice to have her here.
My handsome little guy. He wore Morgan's baby blessing outfit. Morgan really wanted him to wear it and I'm so glad we had him wear it.

My sweet Grandma, aunt Alene and cousin Jenny.

I love Jenny so much! She's the sweetest and most beautiful girl!
Sweet sisters Suzanne and Liz. Liz is pregnant and due in October. Can't wait to see her baby!
Suzanne and Kyran
Grandma Brady and Kyran
I love my Grandma so much! I'm so glad she's always been there for me. Four generations.
Grandma Covieo
Grandma Jones
Grandma Seare and Lamar
Kristen and Coby
Harlie is such a beautiful girl. She's getting so big!
Jordan and Ashley
Grandma Jones

Allen and Candace
Cousins! Cute Jordan.
Grandpa Brady

Grandma and Grandpa Brady

We decided to go on a walk after everyone left. It was such a nice day outside. Kyran just loved going on a walk. he was making laughing sounds. It was very funny!

Thanks family for all your love and support. You made Kyran's blessing day so special!

Kyran's newborns

I keep getting so behind on my blogging... Every time I start Kyran wakes up and I don't end up going back to finish. He's waking up again now as I speak. These are his newborn photos that were taken when he was 10 days old. He has grown so much since, it's so crazy! I love him so much and watching him grow. A girl in my previous ward took these and did such a awesome job : ) Also, he isn't laying on real wood is these pictures. It's just a plastic piece. My Grandma and mom were a little concerned and couldn't believe I would make him lay on wood. I told them of course I would never do that to my sweet baby.

He isn't skin and bone like this anymore. We laughed when we saw his ribs sticking out. He has lots of chub on him now. He LOVES to eat. I just love his gorgeous eyes!