Monday, November 23, 2009

KC Chiefs game! Liberty Jail...

Another fun trip we got to go on. We went to Kansas City, Missouri. We had such a fun time. We went and saw a Chiefs game! It's Morgan's favorite team and has been since he was a little boy. He's got me into it with him since we met. I am such a good wife and watch all the games with him : ) We just need to get them to be a better team! They have won 2 weeks in a row now so they are looking much better. I'm sure our baby Kyran will become a big fan like his daddy when he comes! I thought Kansas City was a really pretty city. It was fun to drive around and see all the trees in the city. It was really green.

Red Friday!

We went to a prep rally the Friday before the game. It was pretty fun and got you pumped for the game! It was at their practice stadium. They had 3 full size fields. It was a pretty fun to see.

One of the cheerleaders offered me her pom poms. Very nice of her. Made the picture a little better. Mo was holding a football that he was hoping to get signed by someone cool.

Liberty Jail Liberty, Missouri

It was only 6 ft tall.
He would write all the time in jail. The guards will steal the letters. He once had to hide a letter in his babies diaper when his wife came to see him.

This is where they would try and sneak things in the window. Some members would try and give them food because the food was poisoned at times and they were worried to eat it. They were always so hungry.

The walls were 4 ft on each side so they couldn't try and escape.

It was so neat to be able to see this place and hear all the stories. It was a really neat experience! I can't imagine how awful it really was for them. It was so cold and they were so hungry. What great men to be able to suffer through that. We also went to Independence Missouri. Neat to see as well.
Cheesecake Factory! One of my favs!

Chiefs game! We had such awesome seats. We were so close it made it so fun! They are one loud crowd! It gets you so into the game. It was such a fun game.

Sadly they lost with about a minute left... We really thought they were going to win. It was such a fun game though. I'm so glad I finally got to experience this with Morgan. He's wanted to take me for years. He's such a big fan. It's so cute how into it he gets. Love my hubby so much!

Western Caribbean Criuse... Paradise

At the port in Miami right before we were taking off. It's so fun to take off and say goodbye to everything for a week. No cells phones is so nice. Great time to spend together. We had so much fun on our cruise even though I had a little problem... I had a great hubby to take care of me. We had so much fun with my parents.

First formal night. This is the table we sat at every night.
Our fun cruise ship!!!
Grand Cayman

These dolphins were so cute! I wish we could've went in and played with them. There were people riding them. Maybe one day we can do it!
Welcome to Hell... They call this place Hell because they think it looks like it. See all the pits and rocks behind it. There are many legends... It was pouring rain so we got out of the van really fast and took a fast picture. We got soaking wet.

We had this beautiful view every night! One of my favorite things. Wish I could see this every night of my life.
It was so fun pulling up to this place. They were playing music so loud excited to welcome us. This was a really pretty place. I loved it! I think it was my favorite.
My mom being silly.

We went to this little farm and got to hold some of the animals.

This was my favorite part! They were so stinkin cute but they liked to bit and steal things out of your pockets. My Mom had her room key stolen. The key to get her back on the ship! We had to chase it down for like 5 min or so until we finally got it back and a few other things it stole from Morgan and my mom.

Eating our yummy dinner.
We had to take a long boat ride to the port. We didn't really get any pictures this day cause we went cave tubing and our camera wasn't waterproof : ( That was the funniest thing we did though. We took a long van ride to get there, then walked through this exotic jungle then got on these tubes and went through these long caves. They say you could be in there for 8 hours the cave is so big. We all had to stay together and hold onto each others tubes. Someone died so they required everyone to do this.
Cozumel, Mexico
We decided to rent these bikes and travel the city. We went to a nice beach and snorkeled and layed out. Very pretty! So fun to travel on our own in the city. It was a little scary though.

We loved these guys! They brought us our yummy food every night.

Waiting for the comedy show that we ended up leaving for. Not so funny stuff...

Drinking our yummy hot chocolate! Yummy,,,

We took a nap on this level of the ship. It was so nice and relaxing. Then we had this nice guy take our picture. Everyone thought it was our honeymoon. We got called honeymooners at all the ports. Kind of funny!

They were giving away free drinks one night. I think we were the only one drinking virgins... So yummy!

Cheers to a nice long fun trip. Hope we can go again one day! We love to travel to see different countries.