Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow 26 years old!!!

I can't believe I am already 26! Wow the time has sure gone by fast. I used to think 26 was so old but I sure don't feel old. I'm so happy to have a sweet little family. I love Morgan and Kyran so much. They are my best two guys in the whole world. They made my birthday fun. Luckily it was on a Saturday this year so I was able to spend the day with Morgan and Kyran. First we went to lunch at Rubio's. I had a free birthday meal there! Free meals are the best. I signed up on this websites and around my birthday I get a bunch of free meals and stuff.

I sure love my baby Kyran. He's the best gift I could receive. I just love being his mom and taking care of him all day.

Like father like son... I love how much they look alike. I just hope he isn't as mischievous as Morgan was. Maybe when he's older he'll have some of my looks too.

My slobber monkey! I just love his sweet plump lips. I just love kissing them : )

After lunch we went to meet up with my family at Syracuse Heritage Days to walk around for a little bit. The kids road some rides and we walked around and looked at the booths. They always have so many cute things for little girls but nothing for boys. I hate it! I wish people would make more cute things for boys. Boys like to look cute too, come on now people.

After that we asked my mom if she would watch Kyran for a little bit so we could go for a ride on Morgan's motorcycle up the canyon. It was such a fun ride! It was so pretty and it felt so good. I just love going on rides with Morgan and really wish we could do it more often. Ky Man comes first though. When he's older we'll be able to take him for a ride if we still have a motorcycle.

Yeah I felt pretty cool but I would never have the guts to actually drive one. I'm just fine with sitting on the back. Luckily Mo has a lot of experience with driving motorcycles. It still doesn't keep me from worrying that something could happen. I get really worried when Mo goes for rides by himself but I have to let him do what he loves. We went to dinner after our ride to my favorite place Tepenyaki! It was so nice spending with just the two of us. We really haven't had much time together without Ky. I really just don't like leaving him either.

Cute little Harlie. She doesn't like flashes either. Every time the flash went off she would try to keep her eyes open and make this silly face and smile.

We went to Syracuse fireworks after dinner. I was so excited to see my little Ky Man : )

Suz, Harlie, Kristen, Ally. Harlie was so done with the flash. She makes me laugh.

We couldn't get a good picture without Kyran opening his eyes wide when the flash came. He looks possessed. He will laugh at these one day.

My sweet mom.

Cute Jordan. I can't believe how old he is now. He was only 2 when me and Morgan met.

Kyran loved the fireworks. They were his first to see and he just loved watching them. He wasn't scarred at all. I'm so thankful for my fun birthday I had. I don't like to think I'll be turning 27 next year. That just sounds so old to me. It's way to close to 30.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kyran 3 months, Memorial weekend...

I can't believe my baby is so big! Kyran is growing so fast before our eyes. He is now 13 weeks. He's only 3 months and is wearing size 6-9 months. He's such a big boy. Just a week ago we started putting him in size 2 diapers and they are almost too small now. He's growing so fast. I think he's going to take after Morgan and be one tall boy, which I'm glad! He's such a sweet baby that just loves to be loved. He loves his mom and dad so much. This week was Morgan's first night away from Kyran. He was out of town for 2 nights. We have been going with him when he's stayed overnight but this time we decided to stay home since not being home for a week last week. It was a lot of fun spending all day and night with Kyran by myself, but we sure did miss Morgan. We did lots of shopping and he was so good. Kyran was happy to see him when he got home. Morgan hated being away from him. It's always so nice to have him home with us at night. Kyran sleeps pretty good. I usually feed him last around 10 and he sleeps until around 6:30 then I put him in our bed and he goes back to sleep cause he just wants to get in bed and snuggle : ) He still sleeps in his bassinet next to me. We really don't want to put him in his room. It makes us sad to think of him not sleeping by us cause we're so used to it. Then he wakes up around 8 to eat and is up for a bit. It's so nice being able to get a good nights rest. The first month was so hard getting up so much with not much sleep. He doesn't like to take very long naps during the day if I lay him down. He just loves to be in my arms. Once I lay him down he often wakes up. During the day he usually eats every 3 hours. He loves to smile and laugh. He always has his hands in his mouth and slobber all over his chest. I'm always taking them out of his mouth cause I know it will be a bad habit. I have to say it's very cute to see him sucking on his thumbs : )

Such a big boy sitting in my rocking chair!

Morgan's mom bought this cute swimming suit for Kyran and she wanted to see a picture. I can't wait to take him swimming. He loves the bath now but I don't know how he would like a pool.

He is one tall boy!

Harlie just loves Kyran. She tries to give him kisses but he just doesn't like how aggressive she gets. It's so cute!

A video of Harlie trying to to Kyran. His crying makes her start to cry. She then got jealous that my mom was holding Kyran so she climbed on my mom trying to push him away. So cute!

We went to dinner for Ally's birthday to Red Robin. She just turned 11. I can't believe how old she's getting.

For Memorial weekend we decided to go visit Morgan's parents in Albuqurque, NM. We had a great time, with great company. It's always so nice to be with the in-laws. The weather was so nice too. Something that we aren't so used to in Utah right now. It was nice to be in some nice hot sun. Kyran sure loved the heat. He just loved being outside and going on walks. It was fun pushing him around in the stroller and he just loved it. I really hope it starts warming up here soon so we can enjoy the sun with Kyran.

We somehow left his blanket so we had to wrap him up in his car seat cover. At least we had that and a jacket for him. I think it was around 50 degrees at the top of the mountain.

We rode this tram up the mountain to go to this nice restaurant to watch the sunset. It was such a pretty view. The dinner was pretty yummy too!

Kyran sitting in the stroller Lorie bought for when the grand babies come to visit. He enjoyed going on walks.

We decided to go to the park. Mo and Tan played basketball while me and Kyran swang in the swings and walked around.

I just love his cute little hat. He looks so cute in it. I had been looking for one of these for awhile. While we went shopping Lorie bought his hat as well. : )

Morgan and Tanner just loved riding the dirt bikes. That's all they talked about doing the whole time we were there. I'm glad they had so much fun together and with their dad.

Kevin and Morgan

He just loves his hands. He spits the binky out to suck his hands constantly.