Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pregnant, camping, 2 year anniversary...

Well I need to do a lot of catch up of all that's been going on this Summer... We found out we were pregnant on July 14, 2009. The day Mo proposed to me 2 years ago. We are so excited to have a sweet little baby in our life! I have waited for this day for a long time! So we wanted to do something a little cute to let our families know about our exciting news. We wrapped one of my old baby dolls up in a box and put a baby picture of Mo and me in it with a note that said future baby Jones : ) We wrapped it for my parents and then his parents to open. My Mom said she already knew I was pregnant. She had spent a day with me and could tell I was cause how I was acting and feeling. I tried to hide it. We were so excited to share the news with our families. We took this picture after we told some of Morgan's family. This is the day Porter and Kevin were moving their things to Boston where Porter, Maike and baby Po moved to. We wanted to share the news before they left. Morgan's parents also recently just moved to New Mexico. This is the last picture we got. It's so sad to have everyone gone but we will get to visit and they will come to visit.

Right after we told his family the news we headed off camping with my parents and my sweet nephew Jordan. We had such a fun time. We did a lot of four-wheeling and had some yummy dutch oven. We even found some snow at the very top of the mountain. Morgan and Jordan went to look and play with it.

Jordan loves to pose for pictures. This is just one of the ones I took that he wanted to pose in some cute and funny way.

For our two year anniversary Mo bought me these beautiful roses! He had them delivered to me at work and it was a surprise to see them sitting at my desk. He is always so sweet and loves to do cute things to surprise me! We went to dinner at Tepanyaki. Yummy! This is a special place to us. It's where we went on our first date and sat and talked for hours. He also proposed to me there too. We have been there so many time cause we love it so much and we love the food! I love you so much babe and I love being married to you! The past two years have been so amazing. Our love gets stronger everyday. I'm so thankful to have such a helping and supporting husband!

We went to burger bar for a yummy shake to share. Tatum really wanted some.

Much more to come! Updates on our fun trips to Miami, Carribean cruise and Chiefs game : )