Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birth: Kyran Morgan Jones

We are so happy to welcome our sweet baby boy Kyran Morgan Jones! He has been such a good fun baby. So I'll tell our story of the birth of our sweet boy. On March 9th we were laying in bed then I kept getting the urge to need to go to the bathroom. I'd get up and go then get back in bed. I felt like I had a problem controlling myself. Then all of a sudden around 11:30 I started getting really strong contractions. I tried dealing with them and kept telling Morgan they were probably braxton hicks. Then they were bringing me to tears and Mo called my mom. She said she thought I needed to go in. Me being myself I kept saying the baby isn't coming yet, it's just braxton hicks. My doctors had just checked me on Monday and I was barely dilated to a 1, so I thought I couldn't be in labor. Morgan was so worried when he saw me on my knees crying in pain. The contractions were less then a minute apart and I couldn't move. Morgan grabbed a few things and rushed me to the car. I kept telling him I want to get all my stuff ready and stuff to bring with us. I wanted to grab my makeup and stuff to get ready but he just wanted to rush me to the hospital. Luckily I have such a smart caring husband because the pain was getting worse and worse. We sped off to the hospital knowing we would get away with speeding this one time.

We arrived at the hospital after 12:30 a.m. They rushed me to labor and delivery and checked me. I was dilated to a 2 1/2 and my water had defiantly broke. They couldn't believe how strong my contractions were so early on. They said my case was different then most. They took me to my room as I was crying every minute or less from the contractions. The pain was 10! They checked me again and I was dilated to a 4 around 1:30. After a few minutes the anesthesiologist came and game me my epidural! My mom, dad and brother Michael rushed to the hospital. We thought the baby would be here within a few hours and made bets. I was dilated to a 6 around 3:30, then 7 1/2 around 5:00. Then a 8 1/2 around 8:00. Then around 10:30 I was dilated to a 9 1/2! The pain slowly got better. I could still fill the pain though. They had to give me 3 or 4 extra injections of the epidural. Then we waited and waited and waited. My family was all there thinking any minute now. I was having no progress. Then around 3:30 one of the nurses said we might need to do a c-section. That brought me to tears. I had Morgan give me a blessing. It was comforting and I just knew I could push this baby out. Something that we thought was pretty neat when he gave me a blessing on the monitor I had no contractions and the babies heartbeat was so calm. They checked me again around 4:30 and I was dilated to a 10 but they were worried about the position of the babies head. His head was face up. (I had one of the best nurses with me for 12 hrs. Her shift ended at 5 but she wanted to stay a little longer. She wanted to see my baby born. She was just so caring and made me feel better. She even called that night to check on me and came and saw us the next day). Then around 5 a on call dr came and checked me and said I needed to have a c-section and my dr. would come and do it at the scheduled time 7:30. I had to sign the papers. That brought me to tears. I just didn't want to have a c-section. I just really felt I could deliver my baby. So the anesthesiologist came and took out my epidural and put in a new one. It finally worked and I didn't feel any pain! Then they dosed me up on medicines that totally were knocking me out. I felt like I was at the dentist when they give you that gas.

My dr. finally came ( Dr. Lister) and she just wanted to check me before she did the c-section. She was working in N. Ogden that day. She said I think we can get this baby out! Do you want to try? I said yes!!! Then they came to wheel me out to take to do my c-section and Dr. Lister told them to leave. I pushed around 4 times then she got the vacuum and after less then 2 more pushes out came our sweet Kyran. I was so knocked out though, I was falling asleep pushing and I didn't know what was going on. There was a problem though. Dr. Lister noticed right when he came out that he had swallowed a bowel movement. She said "Morgan you're not cutting the cord". Then she set Kyran on me and cut the cord then all these people came rushing in and grabbed him and started working on him. He hadn't cried yet. Morgan was in tears worried about Kyran. I was just so out of it luckily to not know what was going on. Then after a few minutes he was crying and okay! I got to hold my sweet baby then nurse him. Morgan was so proud to be a daddy! Then the family came in to see him and I was so out of it. I couldn't keep my eyes open. We are so glad he came out just fine though without any major problems. We were so happy to have a sweet, healthy baby boy!

Kyran Morgan Jones
6 lbs 14 oz
20 1/2 in
March 10, 2010
7:30 p.m.

One happy family.

My hero Dr. Lister!
We love his big eyes! They look so big in the picture.
Long legs like his daddy!

On his way home in the car seat for the first time. He looks so stinkin cute!
So we did have some problems after bringing Kyran home that night. He wasn't going pee or poo and we started to worry. Then we were up all night with him cause was so fussy and just keep wanted to eat and didn't want to go to sleep. So once the dr.'s office opened at 10:00 we called and made an appointment. It wasn't until 3:30. Still no pee or poo. We were so worried. We got to the dr. and they gave him a bottle with some formula. He didn't really want any of that. Then the dr. decided he needed to be admitted. That brought me to tears. We were not prepared for that. So they had to hook our sweet boy up to a iv and had to insert a catheter into him as well to get a sample. I felt so bad for our little guy, he had just been circumcised and was sore. They got some pee out of him finally with that. Then a few hours later he finally had a poppy diaper! Then they had to keep poking him and take his blood. We thankfully had such a awesome nurse Kristy that made us feel so much better. She was so kind and caring! I stayed the night with him while Morgan went home to sleep as his parents had just came to town to see Kyran. They needed to stay at our house. I was up all night with him, still no pee. The next morning when I checked him around 8:30 he finally had a little wet diaper! I called Morgan so excited! Then the peds dr. came and talked to me and was really worried about him. She wanted him to have a CT scan then a ultrasound. She started talking to me about him having meningitis and them doing a spinal tap. I was in tears and called Morgan to come be with me. He got there just as we were going to get his CT. I couldn't hold back all my emotions. I was so in love with my little guy and hated seeing him go through all this. I couldn't bear it if something was seriously wrong with him.

He had to be put in this machine all night cause he had a little jaundice. We thought he looked so cute in his stylin glasses : ) He looked like he was in a tanning bed.

My sweet mom loving her 6th grandchild. I was so happy she came to the hospital to be with me!

My sweet in-laws Kevin and Lorie seeing Kyran for their first time.

Throughout the day he started to get more and more wet and messy diapers. We cheered every time we had to change it. I can't say that now after changing a dozen diapers a day. The results of the tests were all coming back normal. The dr. wanted him to stay another night but Morgan worked his magic and we finally got to take our little guy home around 6:30! That night was so much better! He only woke up a few times to eat and went back to sleep! We are so glad Kyran is all healthy and back to normal. We had a few problems but are so glad to be one happy family now!