Monday, December 20, 2010

Kyran 9 months!

Kyran 9 months

My baby is seeming to not be a baby so much anymore... It's kind of sad but I have enjoyed every age and love it right now. Kyran loves cruising through the house. He can crawl so fast now. He started crawling on Halloween (almost 8 months). It's so cute to watch him to try and do new things. He starting pulling himself into a sitting position by himself on Oct, 24. Now he's trying to pull himself up to stand. He basically can do it just needs to be a little stronger. He started to crawl up the stairs at my sisters house (Suzanne). I don't let him really try at our house cause we don't have carpet before going up the stairs and I worry he would get hurt. So now he can crawl up 2 stairs so far. It's so cute to see how determined he is do do new things. He still doesn't like to be on his own for too long. He's still a momma's boy and wants me to hold him all the time. It's so cute when he chases me and follows me around and cries at my feet trying to pull himself up to me. He's always is saying momma. He started around 6 months saying momma and dadda. I think he understands now who momma and dadda is when he says it. It's cute when he cries for me. I don't know how long it will last of him being a momma's boy but I will enjoy it as long as he does. I'm sure he will turn into a daddy's boy when he's older.

Kyran is eating just about everything now (except the things he can't have until a year). He loves eating off our plates. He loves normal food but still eats baby food about 3 times a day. He nurses about every 4 hours. I'm so glad I've been able to nurse for this long! It will be kind of sad once I stop. He's not a fan really of bottles. He used to love them but recently he just pushes it out of his mouth with his tongue. He's a very good eater though and will eat just about everything he tastes. I hope that stays too. He still just loves to cuddle with me. I just love cuddle time. Something I think a mom never wants to go away. Kyran has a mixture I think, of mine and Morgan's personality. He's very affectionate, sensitive and shy at times like me but then he's very outgoing and friendly like Morgan. He's always smiling! I just love that about him. He's a very happy baby. He's starting to give kisses and wave. I just love his kisses!

We took Kyran in for his 9 month appointment last week. He's one big boy! He's 31 inches and that puts him into over the 100 percentile... I didn't know that was possible. The Dr. said he looks like a 1 year old. I hope he keeps up this growing thing. It makes Morgan happy! He really would love for him to play in the NBA or NFL. We will see if he even likes sports, which I'm thinking he will. He hasn't really gained much weight since his 6 month appointment. He's gained just a few more ounces. He's 21 lb 9 oz. He's been really active since he started rolling now crawling everywhere. I'm worried for when he starts walking but excited at the same time. I just want him to stay my baby forever!

We discovered Kyran loves balloons. I got Morgan some balloons for his birthday. Kyran was always trying to get them. Then I decided to put it down by his face, then hit it towards him. He went hysterical. He couldn't stop laughing. It was so funny. This is a few days after we started doing it. He just makes us laugh so hard. The simple things they love that make them happy!

These were taken when he was really sick. It was a bad few weeks. He had really high fevers. It was up to 104.5 a few times. He was really congested and had a bad runny nose. We tried irrigating out his nose a few times. He absolutely hatted that. It helped though. When we took him to the Dr. there wasn't anything they could do for them. I hate when we can't help our babies. He was up just about all night for a week. We were all very exhausted. Morgan was sick too. Luckily I never got sick. He had a blessing and after that the next day his fever was gone and he started to get better. I'm so thankful for the Priesthood! I truly believe in blessings.

He just loves door stoppers. He loves flicking them.

Trying to climb the stairs...

This was when he was probably the sickest. His eyes started to swell up. The Dr. said we could give him a little Benadryl. I think it helped a little. We felt so bad for him. It was so sad to see him like this... He was absolutely miserable!

He loves to suck on the medal on my diaper bag. It's so funny. He just goes up to it and sucks. It's must feel good on his gums. He got caught in the act here. Silly boy.

Such a happy baby!

This picture makes me laugh. He looks pretty flexible.

Eating his bananas. He loves eating them by himself.

This is what he started doing last week. He's pulling himself up everywhere and walking a little while holding on. He tumbles to the ground a lot too... He's getting so strong! He'll be walking soon. I could see it happening within 2 months but we will see.

He loves touching the Christmas tree and grabbing it. He loves to try and get the ornaments. He doesn't really listen when we say no anymore. He used to cry when we said no. He thinks it's kind of funny now...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

We didn't take many pictures on Thanksgiving like I would've liked but I got a few. We went to my families Thanksgiving. We all get together at a church with all my aunts, uncles, cousins and 2nd cousins and on... It's what we have always done and I love it. I love to be able to see all of my family. I'm so glad I know who all of my family is and get to see them.

Kyran eating his first Thanksgiving dinner. We loved all of the food.

I took this while he was chewing. He wouldn't let me take a pic so I just did it with food in his mouth. At least it wasn't open. Love ya babe :)

My mom and Kyran

Later we met up with some of Morgan's family at Little America. They had there Thanksgiving dinner there. It was fun to be able to see them too. It was something sure different to me, going out to eat on Thanksgiving. There are so many people that do it though. The place was packed.

Ky was going to town on his roll. He loved holding it all at once and just stuffing his face. It was very funny to watch.

Happy Thanksgiving! These two are what I am the most thankful for!

Ky's first Chiefs game

We took Kyran to see his first Chiefs game. We drove to Denver to see them play. Morgan's parent's and little brother decided to come too. We got some really cheap tickets and just decided to go. Well the game was a not so fun game. Very sad... It was a blowout and the Chiefs lost... At least they're doing so much better this year then they have the past few years. It was a fun little road trip and we got to see some of our family so it was all worth it.

Kyran was so good in the car. We drove from Vernal to Denver. I think it was a little over 6 hours. Going home wasn't so fun though. I think over 8 hours and we drove home right after the game that got over around 5:30... We drove home in a blizzard too and it was not so fun. We got home at 2:30 a.m. We were so exhausted!!! At least Kyran got his sleep. For some reason though we didn't get any pics with my in laws. We didn't sit by them at them game but I wish we would've taken one before the game. Oh well, we will keep the memories in our head. At least we got some of Kyran at his first NFL football game.

I just love his little leg warmers! They look so cute on him and they keep him warmer.

The best Chiefs fans. Ky doesn't even know it yet.

I just love these pics with his coat and ear muffs. He was all bundled up and just looked so cute! There were 2 laddies sitting by Morgan that wanted to keep holding him. We let them once but I really didn't like it much for too long. I made Mo get him back. Then they kept offering to hold him. It was very nice but I was being a little protective and I thought it was a little weird...

The reason we got our seats so cheap is because we weren't sitting by each other. We luckily got some right behind each other. Mo just sat behind me and Ky.

Kyran was so good during the game. He didn't cry until the very end when we were leaving so we took his ear muffs off. As we were leaving there was a good play be the Chiefs and Mo cheered as he was holding Kyran. Other then that we was so good and loved watching everyone around him. Everyone was friendly and loved being by him.